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Through the Alchemy of the Crucible Moment

We have all been there asking…How did this happen?  How did I get here? We fall into the characteristic abyss of the crucible moment.  I went to an executive leadership luncheon and heard Mary Tribble speak about her recent crucible moment.  In the midst of the thrashing about that happens at these times, a story came to her:  Joe dies and reports to the pearly gates.  As St. Peter ushers him into heaven, Joe notices a stack of gifts, exquisitely wrapped and addressed to him. “Wait,” aren’t these my gifts? Joe asks.  I want to open them!”  Peter responds,  “These aren’t for you now.  These were given in your lifetime that you never bothered to open.”  Crucible moments are the alchemists for our transformation.  They are some of our most powerful teaching moments and opportunities for opening gifts we never knew we had. What are the gifts you have yet to open?  How can you help your teams, peers, clients open theirs? To use our gifts in service of someone and something greater than ourselves, to help others see what they can’t yet see about their own greatness….this is our calling.